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New Royalty Free Music Track Available

Morning Sea Waves is an uplifting and heartening track, filled with optimistic energy in a calm and comfortable way. You can hear piano, bass, flute and strings. This track is perfect for any kind of media project when an inspiring and positive music is needed.

Recently Added Royalty Free Music Tracks

Autumn Contemplations is a calm and serene solo piano track perfect for any kind of media project when a sentimental and reflective background music is needed.

Mellow Piano Background is a calm piano track perfect for any kind of media project when a soft and gentle background music is needed. On this track, the piano is also accompanied by sustained double bass and harp.


It is easy to use my music on your media projects. All of my music can be licensed from Pond5 where you also can listen to all of my music tracks, including looped versions, etc.

About Me

I am a music composer and I create inspiring and emotive music, often with the piano as the main instrument. My music is suitable for a wide range of different media projects, such as TV, Radio, Film, Documentaries, Online videos, Web sites, Corporate presentations and other types of media projects. If you have any questions about my music or about licensing, you can contact me at