Jan was born in rural Södermanland, Sweden and at an early age he took piano lessons at the local music school. Later, he has deepened his knowledge of music studying musical theory, harmony, composition and digital music production. As a composer, his main instruments are the piano and keyboards.

He creates inspiring and emotive music, often with the piano as the lead instrument. His music is suitable for a wide range of different media projects, such as TV, Radio, Film, Documentaries, Online videos, Web sites, Corporate presentations and other types of media projects.

If you have any questions about his music or about licensing, you can contact him at

Recent Music Tracks

Inspirational Piano 2 (Optimistic Background)

Inspirational Piano 2 is a positive and optimistic music track for video background. A piano arpeggio together with a soft background of rhythmic pizzicato strings and Harp, sustained Strings and Bass create an uplifting and positive feeling. This music track can be used with any kind of media project when a soft and pleasant background music is desired.